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    Welcome To Auric Foods
    Auric Foods Pte Ltd in Singapore. Founded in 2006. We have over 10 years experience in the frozen and fresh Seafood Industry.

    Our products policy supports sustainable seafood that comes directly from farm who adopt sustainable and traceable practices.

    To guarantee our sustainable and traceable source, all products are traced directly back to their place of origin. Products are certified by HACCP, to providing the highest quality seafood.
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    Auric Foods @ Asia 
    There are more than 500 frozen food outlets, who are selling our Hybrid Tilapia – Fish Bay and
    Blue Gourmet. In the past 3 years, our coverage has been expanded to more countries in Asia. Our
    target is to promote our hybrid tilapia in 2,000 outlets in all Asia markets.
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      We have the Hybrid Tilapia  
      No Preservative
      No Additives
      All Natural
      Spring Polished
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